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K3 Retails 2014 Academy Intake – 3 months in

The K3 academy team have landed back in the office after 4 weeks of intense Microsoft Dynamics training. The overall consensus was the days were long and the content challenging. Despite it being hard work, it was well worth it, the team now...

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Shopping basket abandonment – the facts

Almost 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Every time a shopper leaves your website and abandons their shopping cart you lose a potential sale. Put this in the context of the UK as a whole, and we are talking a lot of potential sales....

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Shoppers walking past boxing day sale window

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Black Friday vs. Boxing Day: What’s the Biggest Sales Day?

Boxing Day is a well-established tradition in the UK retail calendar, but the day faces fierce competition from the American import, Black Friday. While the event has been an important part of the US shopping year since the 1960s, Black Friday...

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Black Friday protesters in street

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Black Friday: What does this US phenomenon mean for UK Retailers?

  Black Friday is not as bleak as the name suggests – for retailers anyway. After every iPad has been boxed-up and shipped off and every television is heading to a happy shopper’s living room, an estimated £810m had been spent by UK...

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Click and arrgh! The Top 5 Frustrations of online shoppers

There’s nothing worse than trying to access a website only to be greeted with a little message that says: buffering… Or is there? Online shoppers have shared their top five frustrations with us. In true countdown style, here they are in...

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It’s the Month Before Christmas…

And all across the land, people are starting to look towards buying gifts, decorating trees and stocking the Christmas Larder. There is never a better time to impress your customers with your range and selection. And unfortunately, never an...

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luxery brands

November 6, 2014, 1 Comment

Luxury Brands vs. The High Street: How Does the Multi-Channel Strategy Compare?

As the biggest shift in retail since the beginning of online shopping, it’s not surprising that multi-channel has brought with it many challenges. And things haven’t changed overnight. With every retailer adapting at different...

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